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Jul 13

Powder Room in Parliament? Israelis Scoff

By Jodi Rudoren and Irit Pazner Garshowitz, NY Times, July 11, 2013

JERUSALEM—At first blush, it seemed simple enough: With a record number of women recently elected to Israel’s Parliament, one of them suggested, why not set aside a room for them to freshen up during long days of lawmaking, perhaps pooling personal funds to engage a makeup artist so they could look their best on TV?

But politics has a way of complicating things, particularly in a season of austerity budgets. So when word got out Thursday about the proposed salon—perhaps thanks to a female lawmaker from a rival faction who ridiculed the idea—outrage erupted on social media.

One critic posted a picture of the lawmaker who proposed the makeup room, Ruth Calderon, with horribly overapplied pink rouge, blue eye shadow and orange lipstick. Another wondered whether napping cubicles, common in Japan, might be next.

It was the latest wrinkle in what are shaping up as Israel’s makeup wars: in February, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife were criticized for spending nearly $10,000 in public money last year on makeup artists.